Conclusion of the Second Round of the Run-Off : Average Turnout and Clearer Irregularities

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Conclusion of the Second Round of the Run-Off

Average Turnout and Clearer Irregularities

The second day of the run-off for the second phase of the 2020 parliamentary elections, which takes place in (13) governorates with (52) constituencies and (200) candidates competing on (100) seats witnessed a marked rise in popular turnout at the ballot box amid appeals and live broadcast videos made by candidates to raise participation rates and ensure victory in the final round of the electoral process of the 2020 Parliament.

Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights monitored the high turnout and voting rates in a large number of constituencies in the governorates (Ash Sharqiya, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Gharbia and Manufiya) based on tribal and geographical support from some sectors and village units for the benefit of their candidates, which appeared more in the constituencies of Quisna, Mahalla Center, Dar es Salaam, Halwan, Aga and Husseinia.

The turnout of women also continued to go beyond all categories of participation, which was monitored by the spectators of the Committees of Nasr City Constituency of the Committees of the Workers University, North Sinai, Halwan and Kafr El-Sheikh in a course that emphasizes the reliance of competitors on the voting power of women to reach the seat.

Despite this stimulative climate and the (acceptable) turnout at the ballot box in a large part of the run-off constituencies, (a number) of candidates have recovered from the legacy of electoral excesses some of the forms of irregularities and behaviors that called for deterrence and decisive intervention to confront them by the electoral administration agencies, we can monitor some examples of them as follows:

  • The Coalition’s followers monitored attempts to assault candidate Mohamed Abdel Ghani by some registrants while addressing and documenting the practices of buying votes they make in Toman Bay Street in the Al-Zaytoun Constituency and in front of Dar Al Saada School, where the candidate submitted the complaint No. (22542564).
  • The Coalition’s followers monitored the existence of fixed points for the purchase of votes for the competing candidates in the Hadaeq Al-Qubbah Constituency in the school complexes of Port Said Street, Egypt Street, Sudan and the Area of Ezbet Abu Hashish.
  • The Candidate Mohamed Abdel Ghani issued a press release protesting the conduct of Al-Zaytoun police station, which refused to receive and implement the public prosecutor’s order by fulfilling the candidate’s complaint on electoral crimes and purchasing votes supported by photos and video footage.
  • The Coalition’s followers monitored the presence of fixed points and signs for the distribution of cards for which money and goods were disbursed in various parts of the Al-Zaytoun Constituency, most notably before the committees (1/2/3) of the Experimental Future School and committees (20/21/22) at The Galilee Experimental School and committees (39/40/41) of the Mixed Preparatory School of Algeria and committees (63/64) of the Amiriya Secondary School for Boys.
  • The phenomenon of mass transit and voter guidance has returned to appear strongly in the electoral scene of the run-off, where the Coalition’s followers monitored many of these cases, including the car (A/R/B8621), the car (A/R/B 6913) in favor of candidate Mohammed Khalifa and the car (A/W/S 9361) in favor of the candidate of the Nation’s Future Party / Hamed Zaablawi in Bandar Mahalla Constituency and the car (A/Q/B 6381) in the Zefti Constituency for the independent candidate Mohammed Rabie Ghazala, the car (R/T/A 7466), the car (R/H/B 8797) and the car (F/Q/A 796) in favor of the candidate for Nation’s Future Party of Mr. Ibrahim Rahamu and the car (R/N/Q 1283) in favor of independent candidate Raif Tamraz in the Husseiniya Constituency.

The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights will issue a monitoring report with the most prominent facts and trends of irregularities documented during the two days of voting in addition to the statement of the most prominent observations and trends accompanying the electoral process before the announcement of the final results of the final run-off round in the 2020 Parliamentary elections, bearing in mind that there is still a suspended constituency (Deir Moas) that did not conduct the electoral process in addition to a seat in the district (Benha and Kafr Shukr) on which there will be supplementary elections for the death of the winning candidate Dr. Jamal Hagag.

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