Crimes against Humanity by Government of National Accord in Libya

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Violating the international truce observed by the United Nations by the Government of National Accord which is allied with Turkish regime and targeting the civilians by shelling the town of Tarhunah in the southeast of the capital Tripoli to conclusively prove the inability of this ‘illegal’ government to protect the civilians in Tripoli or in other cities which it controls. In addition, this proves that Tarhunah city is totally subjected to the local militias and groups of mercenaries brought by Turkey to protect the illegal government.

Lack of legitimacy and violating Skhirat Agreement 2015 by the National Libyan Army is a new transition on the Libyan Lands; the matter which increases concerns and fears in regard to civilian victims of the raging conflict in Libya for 9 years especially as a lot of them have lost their lives and their properties have been destroyed by the armed militias which have committed many crimes go under crimes against humanity.

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