ECHRD: Warns of Civil War in Ethiopia

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Press release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development expresses its fear of outbreak of civil war in Ethiopia, as the policies of marginalization and military force of the Ethiopian government against the territory of Tigray and the extension of the conflict to the areas of Amhara and Afar, reported the continued deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, where thousands of people were killed by fighting and hundreds of thousands fled conflict zones in a number of major regions.

The Coalition indicated that Ethiopia is already slipping into a civil war after the war broke out building federal and regional forces, in the province of Tigrai, and extended to Afar province, then Amhara, then Oromia, then Ogadin and Shankul after Abi Ahmed ordered the army to move against the Tigray people, and to carry out war crimes against humanity

The coalition stressed that Ethiopia is on the brink of a grinding civil war involving government forces and ethnic militias, and more than 22 million people across Ethiopia are in need of assistance, with growing humanitarian needs in neighboring Amhara and Afar, where the conflict has spilled over.

The coalition calls on the United Nations to make an urgent and concerted effort by the international community and not to stand idly by in the face of civil war, demanding that Abi Ahmed be tried as a war criminal after he has wasted all the rights of Ethiopian minorities since he was brought to power in 2018, and the impact of his aggressive policy on Ethiopia’s internal situation.

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