Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development : Human Rights Watch Repeats its False Allegations about the Human Rights Situation in Egypt

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Press Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development in Egypt, an organization which includes 550 NGO’s member organizations, expresses today its strong denunciation of the insistence of Human Rights Watch to disseminate false information about the human rights situation in Egypt. The publicized false information, leads to undermining and weakening the role of national human rights organizations that strive to improve the human rights situation in Egypt through continuous dialogue with state institutions, based on its responsibility and its belief in the capability of national mechanisms to realize the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people to have a dignified life.

The Coalition’s member organizations have also expressed that Human Rights Watch should take in consideration that the abandonment and ignorance of the methodologies and principles of the United Nations in monitoring, documenting and preparing reports mechanisms, is the real and the greatest danger to the human rights situation in Egypt.

The coordinator of the Coalition, Saeed Abdel Hafez, and the Founder of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, said that the latest Watch report entitled as “suspicious killings and illegal executions” reflects on Human Rights Watch bias, which leads to its loss of credibility. The report is also aligned with the ideas and language of terrorist groups, said Saeed Abdel Hafez. The report’s fragmented and fragile methodology was in the interest of extremists groups. In addition, the used expressions and the terminologies in the report do not derive from human rights perspective, rather it is a distorted version stemming from television reports, broadcasted by the by Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups in Turkey.

The member associations confirmed that the methodology used in the report lacks viable data that confirms the allegations disseminated by Human Rights Watch. In addition, the identification of Human Rights Watch to its used methodology, in terms of using press releases, analyzing photos and videos, and conducting few interviews, will not result in any changes, says the member associations, as the reader will not comprehend the content used due to his/her unfamiliarity with the methods used by Human Rights Watch’ researcher.

The United Nations has outlined the conditions and criteria for field interviews, where the promulgation of the work of any mission, the disclosure of its nature and of the person in charge is necessary; however, Human Rights Watch has never followed this criteria in conducting its reports since 2013, for political reasons that are well known employees’ in Egypt’s public affairs.

The Egyptian coalition and its members rejected any attempt to jeopardize the stable and independent Egyptian judiciary, as well as the state institutions, that perform their duties to combat terrorism and maintain security for the Egyptian citizens.

The Egyptian coalition called on Human Rights Watch to immediately stop broadcasting these false allegations and to adhere to objectivity in order to preserve its long history in human rights work.

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