Egyptian Coalition for Development and Human Rights Condemns Aden International Airport Bombings and Demands Firm International Stance Against Houthi Militia Threat

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Egyptian Coalitionfor Development and Human Rights condemned on Tuesday a series of terrorist bombings that took place this morning at Aden International Airport to target the reception ceremony of members of Yemen’s new government, which killed 25 people and injured others, indicating the targeting of the new government before starting its tasks to unite Yemeni ranks in the face of Houthi militias.

The airport was heavily shelled by mortar shells, immediately after the arrival of the new Government of Minya plane, which indicates the insistence of some Yemeni parties on the use of armed force to impose a fait accompli and its insistence on perpetuating tension and implicating Yemen in an armed internal conflict and rejecting all initiatives for a peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis, which permanently endangers the lives of civilians and causes the loss of the right to life and the system of fundamental rights of the Yemeni citizen.

The Coalition called on the Yemeni government to investigate the incident, declare its parties immediately and bring them to an urgent trial or use their right to use an international commission of inquiry and prosecute perpetrators before international courts.

The Coalition called on the international parties concerned and the UN agencies to provide work to protect civilians from the effects of armed conflict and to take a firm stand against the Houthi armed militia, which has become a threat to Yemeni life and the stability and security of the Gulf.

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