Egyptians Abroad Should we Abandon them to their Fate

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By: Said Abdelhafez President of FDHRD

It is not difficult to put an end to the repeated attacks on our Egyptian children abroad, which have become a phenomenon, and I am sure that working to stop and even prevent these attacks requires hard and strenuous work from all state institutions, and I believe that we all do not lack awareness of the importance and necessity of rapid action on all levels,

I say this on the occasion of the recent gruesome incident of an Egyptian child and young man in Italy, where Youssef, aged 18, and his brother Ziad, 10 years old, as they left the evening prayer in a mosque in Turin, Italy, a young Italian came out with a knife and cut off their hands and continued to chase them until they arrived home and now Ziad is in intensive care and Youssef has been undergoing physical treatment for 4 months I know that it is not the first incident of its kind to attack Egyptians but what worries me is the increasing hate and racism towards Egyptians living in Italian territory, especially in recent years, until the recent incident against the children Ziad and Youssef, and the big question that arises is who is responsible for spreading this hatred among the Italian people to reach this level of violence? Who is responsible for committing such crimes? I believe it is important to contain hate speech and racism against Egyptians residing in Italy and to urge the authorities there to prevent the slogans of mob racism and chauvinism that have become a threat to the right to life of Egyptians on Italian territory, I believe that the Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs must follow up closely on the incident and the investigations conducted by the Italian police to identify the causes and motives of committing this crime against the Two Egyptian children, and the Egyptian Embassy must provide legal support to the family of Ziad and Youssef, and hire an Italian lawyer to follow up investigations, it is no longer popularly accepted in Egypt to waste the dignity of an Egyptian citizen and keep silent inside the corridors of state institutions

It is no longer acceptable.

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