Electoral appeals before the administrative judiciary…. Political intrigue between candidates and court rejects about 90% of appeals

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Thursday, October 15,  2020

Press  Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development Election Observatory unit, in collaboration with the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Organization, on Thursday issued a report entitled “Monitoring and monitoring all electoral appeals for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

In this context, the report monitored a number of observations, the most important of whichare:

First: The report monitored all electoral appeals heard by the Supreme Administrative Court of the  State Council in Cairo, in which it rejected 156 appeals 84.5% of the total of the 185 appeals monitored, which varied the reasons for rejecting the appeals filed by the candidates between Criminal sentences handed down against them, and other reasons related to the form for not completing the papers, or not performing military service, while referring 15 appeals to the subject matter department, by 8%, and ordered the cancellation of the contested decision, in the number of 14 appeals, 7.5% of the total monitoring.

Second, the final list of candidates in the House of Representatives elections included 4,032 individual candidates and 8 lists of the list system.

Third, the NEC received approximately 40 concessions within the time limit for receiving concessions.

Fourth: Appeals were heard before 106 districts, which were chaired by 110 judges from the State Council.

Fifth: With regard to the rulings issued by the courts of the Council of State, in the Court of the State Council in Cairo Governorate and on October 2, 2020, the Administrative Court of Justice ruled that 139 cases demanding the inclusion of candidates were rejected, and ruled that 5 cases of candidates be accepted and returned to the elections after being excluded by the application examination committee.

Sixth: In Kafr Al-Sheikh province, on Thursday, October 1, 2020, the Administrative Court rejected the appeals of 4 candidates who were excluded by the committee to examine the papers of candidates applying for the elections to the House of Representatives, the Kafr Al-Sheikh Court of First Instance, and accepted the appeal of another candidate on the amendment of his name of fame, and the court accepted an appeal to amend the name of one of the candidates and put the name of the month on the candidates’ lists.

Seventh: In the province of Qalyubia, on Thursday, October 1, 2020, the Administrative Court of the State Council ruled that the appeal of two candidates excluded from the electoral disclosures of deputies was accepted, in addition to rejecting eight other appeals for failure to meet the papers on the conditions of candidacy, where the Court of First Instance of Benha, announced the exclusion of 17 potential candidates from the lists of elections of the House of Representatives because the necessary conditions for them were not fulfilled and positive 3 of them for drug tests conducted by hospitals, announced by the National electoral commission.

Eighth: In Minya province, on Saturday, October 3, 2020, the Chamber rejected 83 members of the Administrative Court of Justice in Minya, 6 appeals for the upcoming 2020 elections to the House of Representatives.

9. In Alexandria province, on October 4, 2020, the Administrative Court dismissed 37 appeals from the candidates of the House of Representatives, while three other candidates were returned to the elections after accepting appeals to the Administrative Court.

10: In Luxor province, on October 7, 2020, the Administrative Court rejected five appeals filed by the excluded candidates, who had been excluded by the Securities Examination Committee of the Luxor Court for not completing their papers.

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