FDHRD Releases Report Titled “Water Shortage in the Arab world: the Repercussions and Causes of the Water Crisis”

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On Sunday, November 14, 2021, the Research and Studies Unit of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issued a report entitled: “Water Shortage in the Arab world: the Repercussions and Causes of the Water Crisis”

The report stressed that the availability of freshwater resources is one of the most important challenges facing most countries of the world at the moment, and the unequal distribution of water to various economic sectors and the misuse of water resources are key factors that play a devastating role for the country’s water  security, as well as the geographical misallocation of water resources and the difficulty of exploiting their available in many regions.

Therefore, the issue of water is one of the most important issues of common concern among the Countries of the Arab world, given the magnitude of the risks and threats facing those countries, unless the use of available water is rationalized and optimally employed, especially with the steady increase of the population and the continuing conflict over available freshwater sources.

The report addressed several topics, most notably:

First: the individual’s right to water:

Second: Status of water in the Arab world

Finally, the report concluded with a number of recommendations to resolve the water crisis,including:

– All Arab countries must conduct a water survey of water resources following the general census and determine the rate of population growth and the subsequent growth in water resources corresponding to this increase in order to determine the annual per capita current and future water resources.

–              Work to direct Arab capital to invest in the development of water resources projects in Arab countries such as dam construction, well drilling and the construction of hydroelectricplants.

                Arab countries must establish closer cooperation and links with regional and international water organizations and bodies.

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