Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report on the war of mercenaries on the crimes of Turkish aggression against Libya

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Press Release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue released its report “Mercenary War” crimes of Turkish aggression against Libya awaiting the action of the International Criminal Court, today, in which it presents a human rights approach to the ongoing crimes of aggression committed by Turkey against Libya and how they represent crimes against humanity that require the action of the International Criminal Court to try the Turkish regime for those crimes. The report monitors a number of crimes  carried out through a monitoring of everything published in the media and by Libyan official sources, how they contributed to brutal killings, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and the export of mercenaries by Libyan citizens by armed militias supported by the Turkish regime, the majority of which belong to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in Libya.

Said Abdul Hafiz, president of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, said the report monitored the Turkish  regime’s  arms exports to the Government of Reconciliation,  which is a violation of international law because it violated UN Security Council Resolution 1970 in March 2011, which called on all member states of The United Nations to ban the sale or supply of arms and its belongings to Libya, along with Resolution 2420 — which allows member states to inspect ships bound for or from Libya in order to counter the entry of weapons into Libya — but Ankara has flouted the resolution since day one and supplied weapons to militant elements in western Libya.

Abdul Hafiz pointed out that the report monitored the transfers of mercenaries through flights increased in recent days via airlines owned by the Muslim brotherhood leader Abdul Karim Belhadj and working in the Turkish territories, as well as the involvement of the Turkish company Sadat security services in training mercenaries and recruiting them among the youth of religious movements and then sending them to fight against the Libyan National Army.

The report called for the international criminal court to act under the latest amendments to the Rome  Statute to classify Turkey’s actions as a crime of aggression and to begin prosecution of the Turkish regime for crimes against humanity in Libya. ‏

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