Houthi Crimes in Yemen 2020

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The Arab region and the peoples of the Middle East are suffering from the consequences of
the phenomenon of terrorism and its impact on the human rights situation and the multiplicity
of terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the state of security and social peace in Arab
societies, which suffer from the fragility of the components of the state and the ineffectiveness
of its institutions, especially against the strikes of terrorism coming from within.

The phenomenon of cross-border terrorism, the emergence of terrorist organizations such as
the Houthis in Yemen, their incursion into Yemen with the support of the State of Iran and their
use as a tool to threaten the security of the Arab Gulf have been exacerbated by the violence
they have committed, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, increasing the number of
victims of violence and complicating an agreement for peace in Yemen 10 years after the
Yemeni conflict erupted.

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