Imprisonment of 6 Accused for Women and Girls Trafficking Illegally

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced two defendants to 10 years in prison and 4 to 5 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 pounds each. It acquitted 9 defendants of human trafficking under the guise of employing domestic workers.

The Case got the No. 7175 for the year 2021 Dokki Felonies and (total) No. 1123 for the year 2021 in North Giza. The accused are “A.M”, a free female lawyer and owner of an office for the recruitment of domestic workers/ “M.S.”, 24 years old, and works as a receptionist in the labor placement office household/ “A.A”, 36-year-old and chief/ “E.A”, 36 years old and works as in the labor placement office household/ “A.F”, a female university student and a worker in the same office/ “A.E”, 19 years old, works as a worker at a Clinic in the 5th settlement/ “A.A”, 66 years old and works as a free lawyer/ “A.H”, 52 years old and is a head of the Political Economy Department in one of the educational departments in Minya Governorate/ “M.E”, 57 years old and Marketing and Advertising Consultant/ “E.A”, 52 and retired/ “E.F”, 50 years old/ “F.M”, 87 years old and cloths company owner/ “N.Q”, 56 years old without work, “M.H”, 58 years old and import and export company owner, “A.M”, 39 years old and a media marketing consultant for a company.

The facts of the case were that the accused (from the first to the sixth) set up an organized criminal group, exploiting “10 women and girls” through fraud and deception, and exploiting their vulnerability in illegal activities, claiming that they were being employed as domestic workers. Their activity is specialized in attracting women with difficult social conditions, by advertising through the commercial entity of the first accused. The company is to recruit domestic workers for jobs for domestic work with remunerative salaries. The victims were exploited by the company employers, including the accused from the seventh to the fifteenth, in order to obtain a material benefit for the accused from the first to the sixth, represented in sums of money and sexual benefit for the second accused and from the seventh to the fifteenth.

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