“Lax Implementation of NEC Decisions on Corona Prevention Measures During Voting”

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Statement #5

Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development have monitored a commitment by judges overseeing elections and voters in most districts that are observed by the coalition’s followers on measures to prevent social spacing and wearing masks.

However, coalition observers monitored laxity in a number of stations to abide by the decisions of the National Electoral Commission and the Egyptian Ministry of Health in this regard, where it was monitored that no masks were worn during the voting of most voters in voting stations:

  • Stations numbers 130, 131, 138, Al-Salb Middle School, Al-Tabeen Girls, Cairo.
  • Stations No. 26, Shajar Al-Dur Elementary School, Saqr Quraysh, Basateen Cairo.
  • Stations No. 48, Al-Shayma High School Girls, Ezbat al-Ward, Basateen,Cairo.
  • Stations No. 5, Madinet Al-Wehda School, Zahra Maadi, Cairo.
  • Stations numbers 131 and 132, the school of Akhmen, there is guidance on the door of the committees, the village of Akhmen, Al-Qanater Al-Khairya center, Qalyubia.
  • Stations No. 78, Mohammed Ahmed Labib Middle School,Al-Sharqiya.

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