Mohamed Al-Amin’s Trial for Human Trafficking has been Postponed to March 23rd

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Cairo Criminal Court decided to postpone the trial of Mohamed Al-Amin on charges of human trafficking to March 23rd , 2022 session to hear the pleading of the prosecution and defense in Case No. 1418 of 2022 Fifth Settlement Felonies.

Where the court heard, in its session, which was held on Sunday, March 20th 2022, of six defense witnesses who are the workers of the orphanage and they are 4 supervisors in the orphanage, the psychologist and the cook.

The psychiatrist at the orphanage of Al-Aydi al-Aminah stated that she was specialized in conducting a psychological assessment from October 9, 2020 until the end of December 2021 for the girls of the orphanage and that the girls had undergone psychological evaluation and a number of them were found to have mental disabilities, while others turned out to have abnormal behaviors and fabricated fake stories and one of them had a sexual behavior.

The fifth witness, who works as a supervisor in an orphanage in Nasser Center, Beni Suef Governorate, confirmed that the victim, “M. Kh.” in the case, she was present at the orphanage in a previous period and her behavior was perverted and homosexual.

The Public Prosecutor had referred businessman Muhammad al-Amin to the Criminal Court in February 2022 on charges of human trafficking and indecent assault of seven child girls by force and under threat, while they were staying at the Al-Aydi al-Aminah Orphanage owned by the accused.

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