Mohamed Hussein Abdel tawab

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Mohamed Hussein Abdel tawab – Manshat Rabee Vg, Etssa Provence, Fayoum Governerate –

He traveled to Libya two years and a month ago, and was robbed by 5 armed men in Libya, and they attacked him inside his house after returning from work, and stole from him an amount of 5,000 dinars, the value of his savings from work, and his mobile phone.

According to his father, they took turns stabbing him in the abdomen with a dagger until he fell unconscious and in his blood. He was taken to a hospital in the “Al-Sarraj” area. He suffers from a cut in his intestines, and that the Libyan hospital requested his return to Egypt for treatment, at a cost of 3,000 dinars, and he was transferred to Salloum worth 8 thousand pounds.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, the governor of Fayoum, paid attention to the appeal and distress of the young man’s father to return to Egypt to complete his treatment, and coordination is underway with the relevant authorities in Egypt to communicate with other authorities in Libya to discuss the matter and the return of the young man to his hometown.

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