Nubra Hassanein

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Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, killed 17-year-old Nubra Hassanein, an American Muslim girl of Nubian Egyptian origin, by hitting her on the head with a baseball bat multiple times on June 18, 2017, as she returned from the mosque in Sterling with a group of girls after finishing the Taraweeh prayers, where the accused ran in their direction and racially insulted them. They tried to go back to the mosque out of fear of him and they actually managed to return except for Nubra who fell to the ground and was caught by the killer who beat her on the head with a baseball bat, the police found the body of Nubra soaked in blood five kilometers from the scene of the accident and found the accused after they found traces of blood in his car and was charged with second-degree murder.

Police said Torres attacked a group of Muslim teenagers as they returned to the mosque and a nearby shopping mall, where he drove over the sidewalk, dispersed the teenagers, grabbed Nubra, beat her with a baseball bat, raped her and threw her body into a pond.

The victim’s father said his daughter was killed for religious reasons because she was Muslim and dressed in Islamic clothes.

In March 2019, he was sentenced to eight life sentences after pleading guilty to rape and murder.

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