Omar Abdulaziz Mustafa Al-Zayat

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On April 16, 2021, in the Brazilian city of Florianablos, three Brazilians killed Egyptian Omar Abdulaziz Mustafa Al-Zayat, 52, an Uber driver, after they tried to rob him while he was driving them away, where the three people came out and wanted to steal his car and phone when he refused and shot him 3 times.

Police arrested two of the three people who committed the incident, aged 19 and 22, one of whom admitted to being the “killer” by shooting Zayat, while the other denied involvement in the robbery and murder.

Omar Al-Zayat lived in Cairo in the neighborhood of Saraya Al-Qoba and has been living in the city of Florianablos for two years and underwent surgery to try to save him but died on April 20.

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