On the first day of the 2020 senate runoff Commitment to open committees on time and average voter turnout

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Statement   #2

On the first day of the 2020 senate runoff

Commitment to open committees on time and average voter turnout


On the first day of the   2020 senate runoff elections, followers of the Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development monitored the commitment to open committees on time and to receive an average turnout of voters in Beni Suef governorate.

This is as follows:

First: The Center of The Hatching.

Committee no. 515, the new administrative building, al- Fashin city 

Committee of 516 al- Fashan youth center

Committee 517 Agricultural Society 

Committee of 436 al, Fashin city Council

Committee 507 Agriculture   Department

Committee 453 Al-Azhar religious Institute

Committee 449 new primary school

Committee of 445 primary integrity   schools

– Committee of 523 schools on the son of my father, the primary student.

Second: Beni Suef Center

Committee no. 1, primary school in al- Governance village, the committee   number

– Committee No. 4 Primary School Beni Harun

Committee no. 7 preparatory school

Committee no. 8 primary school in Al-Zarabi village

Committee no. 10, preparatory school in Belva village

Committee no. 12 Martyr’s school/ Mahmoud Taha Ali Aweys

Committee number 14, village Council of Abashna village

Committee no. 17 Martyr’s school/ Jamal Mohammed Saad- Bani Radwan village

Committee no. 19 and committee 20 primary school in Ahua village

Committee No. 22, Combined Primary School, Barout

Committee 25, the health determinant of milk

Committee 26health unit with milk

Third: BBA Center

Committee No. 295, Tansa Village Council- Beni Malo

Committee 296 Tansa Youth Center – Beni Malo

Committee no. 301 Joint primary school in Bata Albesha

Committee no. 302, West Ghia   primary school

– Committee number 309, middle school in Aqmash

– Committee number 310, preparatory school in Aqmash

Committee no. 311 joint primary school in Al-Sharif village

Committee no. 312 primary school in Ezba Imam- Al-Sharif

Committee no. 344 Toa Primary Institute

Committee no. 352 Aba Ibn Nafi primary school

Committee No. 318 Village Council one sixth

Committee no, 319, Prince Ahmed high school

Committee no. 321 Abdul Sattar Al-Buqaa school in Al-Buqaa village

Committee no. 291 Fouad Nasr Hindi school- Bandar Beba

Committee no. 292 Alsalaam primary school- BBA

Committee no. 294 committee of the Association for memorizing the Holy Quran- Bandar Beba

Committee no, 354 primary union school

Committee no. 355 Azhari Preparatory Girls Institute – Bandar Beba

Committee no. 356 Institute of Girls Preparatory and Secondary Azhari – Bandar Beba

Committee no. 357, the school of martyr Abdul Moneim Riad- Bandar Beba

Committee no, 331, the primary school in Sfax Rashin

Committee no, 332, veterinary unit, Safat Rashin village

Committee no. 333 School Dr. Mahmoud Saeed Bazara

Committee no, 335, Bani Momenah primary school

– committee no. 353, Safat Rashin middle school, Benina

Fourth: Nasser Center

Al, Shahid school Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Saad, Army Street, Al-Shenawia, committee no. 142-143

– Joint primary school 2 Bakom Khalad village Abu Khalad committee no. 151-152-153

– Joint Middle School in The Village of Hammam Committee No. 161

– Joint primary school in Al-Harajeh village committee no. 162

– Joint Primary School in The Village of Olives Committee No. 163-164

Joint primary school in Mansoura village, committee no. 165

– Religious Institute of preparatory al- Azhari in the village of Ghait al- Bahri, committee no. 169

– Joint primary school 2 in the village of Mendel Committee No. 134-135-136

Joint primary school Naga Al-Arab in Naga al Arab village, committee no. 169

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