Ten Years Imprisonment for 3 Accused of Smuggling Illegal Immigrants in Mansoura

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On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the Mansoura Criminal Court issued a sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of half a million pounds against each of “Mohammed M.M.”, “Salah A.M.” -49 years, a third-degree driver in absentia, and “Um Muhammad M.M.” 50 years old, a clerk in the health directorate in presence for their conviction in an illegal immigration case, it also acquitted 17 other defendants in Case No. 1927, Mansoura Center Felonies for the year 2021, before the Third Circuit, which bears No. 155, South of Mansoura.

In November 2021, the First Public Prosecutor of the General Prosecution of South Mansoura had referred the accused to the Criminal Court for having committed, and unknown others, the crime of smuggling illegal immigrants, by establishing and managing an organized criminal group, which operates in the countries of Egypt and Libya, that they planned and prepared for it inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and completed it by the State of Libya, endangering the lives of smuggled migrants and treating them inhuman and degrading treatment, leading to their smuggling to European countries through ships and boats not designated for the transport of passengers and penetration of the high seas by the victims, with the intention of obtaining a material benefit, which caused the loss of 9 young people who traveled with them during the year 2021.

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