The ECHRD Condemns the Killing and Wounding of Civilians In Congo as a Result of a Suicide Bombing

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Today, Sunday, December 26, 2021, the Egyptian Coalition For Human Rights and Development (ECHRD) condemned the suicide bombing that took place in a restaurant in the city of Benni, Eastern Congo, during Christmas celebrations, killing 5 people, including a girl and wounding nearly 15 people.
The incident occurred at the entrance to the restaurant, when the suicide bomber wanted to enter and was confronted by the restaurant’s guards, so he blew himself up. The Congolese authorities indicate that the bomber is suspected of belonging to the “Allied Democratic Forces” group which is linked to the Islamic State Organization and is known for its intransigence against Christians. The city of “Benni” has witnessed repeated clashes during the past weeks, between government forces and Islamic militants.
Recently, Recently Congo and Uganda are leading a coalition of military forces to eliminate takfiri groups, including the “Democratic Forces”, especially since the latter fled Uganda and reorganized its ranks in Eastern Congo. It is worth noting that the US administration included that group last March to the lists of terrorist groups.
For its part, the ECHRD affirms its total rejection of all forms of terrorism against innocent civilians in all countries of the world.
The ECHRD also denounces the importance of international and regional mechanisms to combat terrorism in Africa in view of not compromising the human security of the peoples of the continent’s countries.

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