The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development Condemns the Terrorist Attack on Peacekeeping Forces in Mali

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Saturday 3 April 2021


Today, the Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development condemned the attack on the United Nations peacekeeping forces, which killed 4 Chadian soldiers and wounded 18 other UN peacekeepers in northern Mali.

The Alliance stated that with the death of the four soldiers, the death toll of peacekeepers has risen to ten since the beginning of the year.

The Alliance praised the great and humanitarian role played by the United Nations Mission in Mali in order to maintain peace and ensure the security of citizens, as well as the implementation of its tasks in repelling the terrorist attacks that plague the country.

The terrorist attack targeted the camp of the United Nations Mission in Mali in Aguelhok, where a unit of Chadian soldiers is stationed, less than two hundred kilometres from the Algerian border.

The attack was carried out by a terrorist group consisting of about 100 armed men on motorcycles and cars.

The fighting lasted for three hours and was interspersed with the firing of mortar shells and a thwarted suicide bombing attempt using a car. The peacekeeping forces were able to inflict heavy losses on terrorist groups, killing about twenty terrorists and wounding dozens of them.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations mission has been operating in Mali since 2013 and includes 15,000 men and women, including about 12,000 soldiers. This mission incurred the largest number of losses in the world and lost more than 140 of its elements in hostilities, according to the figures of the International Organization.

Mali has witnessed since 2012 the rise of terrorists in the north of the country, which plunged it into a security crisis that spread to the centre of the country and then to the neighbouring countries of Burkina Faso and Niger.

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