The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights launches “Together to Fight Human Trafficking” campaign from Alexandria

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Press release

  The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development began its first training as part of the “Together against Human Trafficking” campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the crime of human trafficking and how to address it, which was launched by the alliance at the beginning of July.

The alliance held its first training in Alexandria governorate in cooperation with the Association for Women and Development of the Alliance, which hosted representatives of 20 associations and institutions of civil society organizations in Alexandria under the title (legal framework for crimes of human trafficking and how to deal with them) .

The meeting was opened by Professor Aida Noureddine, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Women and Development Association, and introduced the participating associations to the purpose of the training course in the framework of the campaign, and introduced the crime of human trafficking and the role of state institutions in combating it. While Mr.Haitham Othaman, lawyer and legal researcher, trained the participants about the organized legal framework for human trafficking.

Mr. Haitham Othman presented some general concepts concerning human trafficking crimes and touched on international and regional conventions organized to combat such crimes, including the United Nations Convention against Unregulated Crime and the protocol on preventing, suppressing and punishing trafficking in persons complementary to the convention against organized crime, as he explained the Arab convention against transnational organized crime, which Egypt signed.

Then he moved on to talk about combating human trafficking in the Egyptian Constitution and its provisions prohibiting the commission of such crimes

In the second session, the trainer discussed with the participants the fight against human trafficking in Egyptian law, explaining the pillars of the crime and its punishment, the aggravating circumstances of the punishment as well as the crimes related to it and its consequences and how to exempt punishment, and stressed the seriousness of the crime of human trafficking on the national security of countries due to the fact that it is a cross-border crime.

At the end of the session, the discussion was opened with the attendees and some examples of human trafficking cases in Egypt were presented, such as tourist marriage and the use of children in begging

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