The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Calls on UN To Stop Arming Tripoli Militias, Convict Turkish Mercenaries for War Crimes and Investigate Death of Director of Intelligence as A Result of Torture

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Press Release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue warned of the escalating seriousness of the situation in Libya, the movements of mercenaries of the Turkish regime and their crimes against humanity towards the Libyan people and their threat to the security of foreign embassies and information dealing with the internal differences suffered by the illegitimate Government of National Accord, which reached the point of direct and obvious liquidations between government ministers and leaders of its security services.

The Forum called on the UN mission to move to condemn crimes against humanity committed by armed militias of the illegitimate Government of National Accord and to investigate the information dealing with the circumstances of the deputy head of intelligence in the government of Sarraj Abdelkader Al-Tohami, who was kidnapped by the militias of al-Nawasi in Tripoli, and killed under torture.

The interior minister in the illegitimate Sarraj government Fathi Bashagha said that “the intelligence service was infiltrated by militias” he did not name, where Tripoli is witnessing battles between militias belonging to Sarraj and others belonging to Bashaga, in light of the growing struggle for influence within the Tripoli government. The militias of the “deterrence forces”, backed by a number of Syrian mercenaries, attacked one of the sites of the “Tripoli Revolutionaries” militia, by order of Bashagha, who turned the “deterrence” militia into a military arm to impose his Brotherhood orientation.

Abdul Rauf Kara is the leader of the “Special Deterrence Forces”, one of the most prominent militias in western Libya, and oversees his own torture of detainees in Maaita prison, assisted by Mahmoud Hamza, commander of the 2020 militia, known as the “earthquake”, who is also a former spokesman for the “Deterrence Forces.”

Kara and his militias took control of the Mitiga military base, part of which was converted into a civilian airport after Al-Samoud militias affiliated with the internationally wanted terrorist Salah Badi destroyed Tripoli international airport in 2014 as part of the “Libya Dawn Coup”. The Base includes a huge prison controlled by “deterrence” militias.

The Forum stressed the need for the UN mission to condemn the actions of armed militias in Tripoli on the one hand and war crimes committed by Turkish mercenaries on the other, implement resolutions on Libya, stop the entry of weapons and mercenaries into Tripoli and document the crimes of the armed militias of reconciliation and send them to the International Criminal Court.

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