The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) issues a report titled “Water poverty as a Result of the Houthi Siege of Taiz”

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Today, Thursday 1/9/2022, The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) issues its report on Water poverty as a Result of the Houthi Siege of Taiz, which dealt with the crimes of the Houthi terrorist group in Yemen, especially the Taiz region. They exploited the need of the Sana’a residents for water in light of the drought that is due to the delay in rainfall, to make money, gain profit and generate revenue under illegal pretexts.
The report stressed that the violations of the Houthi group against civilians and children and causing water poverty are considered war crimes, punishable by international legislation. The tragedy that occurs against the citizens and children of Yemen, and Taiz in particular, must be put to an end.
The report began with information on water sources in Yemen, and then moved on to list the causes of the water crisis inside Yemen and the consequences of the water shortage.
Then the report singled out the Houthis’ violations of international humanitarian law, such as preventing access to humanitarian aid, besieging water sources in Taiz, controlling hospitals and preventing access to treatment.
The report then touched upon the Houthi militias targeting water tanks with the aim of sabotaging the water infrastructure as a collective punishment for all residents of Taiz and disrupting groundwater wells.
The report concluded with the need to work on compiling all the incidents of violations and crimes committed by the Houthi group and issuing reports and statements that advocates for the right of victims and condemn this extremist and terrorist group as a result of its violations against children and Yemenis, as well as, informing international public opinion of the scale of the disaster that Yemenis have been experiencing since the Houthi government takeover in Yemen. There is also a need to work through the collection of these facts to mobilize international opinion to prosecute them before the international judiciary.

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