The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Stands in Solidarity with Tunisian MP Abir Moussa and Holds the Tunisian Government Responsible for Protecting Her Safety After the Brotherhood Threatened to Kill Her

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Press Release

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue announced on Wednesday that it is in solidarity with Tunisian MP Abir Moussa, who has received death threats from the Muslim Brotherhood, warned against harming her and held the Tunisian government responsible for her protection.

The Tunisian MP announced that the National Unit for the Research of Terrorism Crimes told her that there are several threats to assassinate her, pointing out that these threats are from inside and outside Tunisia, and that these threats came due to her accusation of Ennahda brotherhood movement in March to bring terrorism into the country after it came to power in 2011, and pointed out at the time that the first step to encourage terrorism was the amnesty law issued February 2011 which benefited all the accused involved in terrorist crimes. This resulted in them repeating their actions, raising weapons against the state and contributing to terrorist operations after their release. She then added this step coincided with the process of domestication and systematic marginalization of the Ministry of Interior and intelligence agencies to fight terrorism by removing the tires and competencies of the ministry from its positions.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue stated that the death threats are reminiscent of the assassination crimes of lawyer Shukri Belaid and former member of the Constituent Assembly of Tunisia, Mohamed Barhami, considering that the two leaders who opposed the Brotherhood and revealed their plans were assassinated in front of their house in broad daylight, and those who instigated their killing or were involved in the bloodshed has not yet been held accountable. These are crimes added to the history of the Brotherhood in Tunisia that is full of terrorism because they are a branch of the Brotherhood terrorist organization.

The Organisation warned of the seriousness of such a kind of serious threats to the human right to life and silence of the political class on the political incubator of terrorism represented in the Brotherhood Ennahda movement and to overlook the pursuit of the activity of suspicious associations supporting them with money, especially since they are involved in encouraging the deportation of young people to Syria and Libya to be fuel for a regional holocaust. ‎

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