The Phenomenon of Intimate Partner Violence in Egypt

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Marriage is based on love and cooperation, but the changes that the society is witnessing have had an impact on people’s behavior in the context of spousal relationship. Certainly, marriage life is filled of problems between spouses during their daily cohabitation. Thus, life is not ideal for many people, and so forth we find that problems occur at every moment, which is a natural issue emanated from human behavior.

Society’s values have been impacted by material values ​​and media production, by which they encourage people to seek revenge, in addition to the conditions of the current era, which is marked by improper use of internet, collapse of moral and societal values, gender inequality, political crises, social and economic instability, and covid-19 pandemic which have all exacerbated the phenomenon of intimate partner violence. These reasons have increased the percentage of violence in the Egyptian society.

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“The Phenomenon of Intimate Partner Violence in Egypt”

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