(The Recent Attacks on Gaza and The Position of The International Community)

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Press Release


The report stresses that the attacks and violations carried out by Israel violate the human rights of the Palestinian people, and sheds light on Israel’s insistence on practising operations of discrimination, ethnic cleansing and displacement against Palestinians and its adherence to the decision to build settlements and demolish civilian facilities for Palestinians, which constitute full-fledged international war crimes.

The report included violations, attacks and crimes carried out by the occupation authorities against Palestinian citizens, as well as the position of the Security Council and the United Nations, as well as the positions of some other countries regarding the attacks on Gaza.

With regard to civil violations and physical harm, the report explains that the violations include an increase in the establishment and expansion of Israeli settlements, with the Israeli occupation authorities approved the construction of 6,719 colonial units, in addition to 12,159 colonial units and 11 colonial outposts during 2020.

Violations also include the shelling of residential buildings and the use of violence for forced displacement. 450 buildings were destroyed in the Gaza Strip, more than 52,000 Palestinians were displaced and nearly 600,000 students were forced to drop out of school, according to a statement by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

With regard to violations in the health sector:

The report indicates that from the beginning of the events in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood on May 11 until the release of the latest report of the Ministry of Health in Gaza on May 19, 2021, which states that more than 219 Palestinian citizens were killed and 1,570 others injured, including 768 men, 322 women and 480 children, and it was not only the targeting of civilians but also extended to target health facilities that provide health care to them, where 22 health facilities were partially and totally damaged as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombardment.

According to the report regarding the targeting of media centres and the suppression of press freedom, the report clarified on Saturday, May 15, 2021, that the Israeli occupation authorities dropped two bombs on the al-Jala building with the aim of targeting media centres that monitor attacks by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people.

As for the violations suffered by Palestinian women in the midst of armed conflict and its impact on public health, the report stresses that Palestinian women have been subjected to the greatest impact of the attacks, as there are currently about 210,000 pregnant and nursing women in Palestine, so the regional director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Luay Shabaneh was called upon to stop the fighting, to ensure the full protection of civilians and the safety of women and teenage girls.

With regard to addressing these violations carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people and the reactions of some countries, the report makes it clear that the position of the European Union was silent as it has not issued any resolutions to stop these violations, but only provided emergency assistance as it provided emergency assistance to Palestine in 2021 only amounting to about 34 million euros.

The Security Council also ignored the attacks, violations and war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinians.

The United States has not only denounced the events but has made the situation worse by signing a 735-million-dollar arms deal with the Israeli occupation authorities, while China has worked to continue pushing for the Security Council to move to stop such hostilities and restore the peace process to the region.

With regard to the position of the Arab states on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the report states that the Palestinian issue has received great attention from some Arab countries and that these concerns have varied, with Tunisia and Jordan condemning the attacks by the authorities, Algeria condemning the barbaric acts committed by the occupying forces against the Palestinian people, and Jordan playing a major role in resolving the crisis.

Concerning Egypt’s role in working to calm the situation in Palestine, the report reinforces that Egypt has a leading role in stopping this conflict that Palestine has witnessed in the recent period, which has varied between political support, relief responses, and development initiatives that include financial support.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has presented negotiations to its Israeli counterpart for a ceasefire and to end the conflict, as well as to send two security delegations to activate the truce process. The Egyptian Ministry of Health has also worked to open the Rafah crossing and equip 11 hospitals.

Furthermore, The Egyptian government has allocated $500 million for the reconstruction of civilian facilities targeted in Gaza.

In addition to the great role of the people in supporting the Palestinian cause, rejecting it and denouncing the brutal attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities.

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