The Taliban issues an order banning women from working for local and international NGOs in Afghanistan.

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In a flagrant violation of the right to equality between men and women and the right to work, the Afghan Taliban government on 12/24/2022 issued an order banning women from working in local and foreign non-governmental organizations and for the organizations not to allow women to come to work. The spokesman for the Ministry of Economy, Abdul Rahman Habib Al Khattab confirmed that women are prohibited from going to work until further notice, as a result of some not adhering to the dress code set by the government for them. In the event that the organizations violate this, the organization’s license will be revoked. This is a new infringement added in the cycle of violations practiced by the “Taliban” in restricting the freedom of women in the country. Only a few days earlier, a decision was issued a banning university education for girls.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) rejects this decision as it violates the principle of equal opportunities for men and women and impedes one of the economic rights stipulated in international conventions and charters, namely the right to work and the right to equality between the sexes.

International conventions and charters affirm equality between men and women in all rights, including the right to work, which is considered the basis for the realization of human rights and the enjoyment of a decent life. It includes the right of the individual to have the opportunity to earn his living by work that he freely chooses or accepts, and the State shall take appropriate measures to safeguard this right and ensure that there is no discrimination in all aspects of education.

On its part, FDHRD stresses the need to stop the worsening violence against women in Afghanistan in the recent period, to adhere to international agreements in this regard, and for the international community to intervene to protect women’s rights.

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