Underage marriage is a constant violation of women’s rights Case study: Mauritania – Nigeria – Iraq .

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The report indicated that most families resort to marrying off their daughters at a young age to get rid of their responsibilities, or to comply with the system of customs and traditions.
And some of them marry off their daughters as a result of poverty, where poverty is one of the most important reasons leading to the marriage of underage girls. There are many poor areas where parents resort to marrying off their daughters, due to the inability to support them, and to reduce the financial burden of a family member, or as a result of the ignorance that spreads Between parents, as he pushes them to marry off their daughters at an early age without realizing that she is still young, and she will not be able to bear the responsibility of marriage with all its consequences.
Parents may have social fears, as parents fear that their daughter will not marry and enter into the so-called spinsterhood, or fear that their girl will be exposed to a problem related to honor, and some of them rely on the wrong cultural legacies, specifically in rural areas, this kind of Marriage, as they see it as acceptable in the customs of these tribes, and its completion is subject to the wishes of parents without paying attention to girls and their desires.

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