World Press Freedom Day 2023
The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development (ECHRD) affirms that freedom of the press is an important axis of human rights.

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On the World Press Freedom Day, the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights (ECHRD) praises the profession of journalism, stressing that it is a free and independent profession. It is at the forefront of high-end professions, the most dignified and influential in the lives of peoples, especially as it sheds light on societal issues of concern to peoples, promotes human rights values, and develops responsibility community; To contribute to addressing the problems of society and alleviating the suffering of people by motivating them towards participation, taking responsibility, contributing to solving their problems, and bringing about the desired change. The press is a public interest, its role is essential and vital, and without its rational practices, the public performance will be disrupted.
The ECHRD points out that freedom of the press is the basis of democracy and justice, as it gives everyone the facts needed to form opinions and tell the truth. Freedom of the press is directly linked to the right to freedom of expression as the basis for a stable society, and the focus on freedom of the press enhances human rights values. The decline in freedom of the press leads to the decline of all rights and undermines debate and dialogue in societies, and affects the role of the press in raising awareness of the culture of human rights.
It is worth noting that the celebration of World Press Freedom Day goes back to the United Nations General Assembly declaring World Press Freedom Day in December 1993, based on the recommendation of a conference held by UNESCO in Windhoek in 1991. The conference was held on the third of May with the adoption of the historic Windhoek Declaration for the Development of a Free, Independent and Pluralistic Press. The anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration has since been celebrated around the world on May 3rd as World Press Freedom Day.

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