About Us

Who We Are

 The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue

is an Egyptian non-governmental organization It was established in 2005 with registration number 6337 in accordance with Law No. 84 of 2002, and reconciled its status as a central association according to Law No. 149 of 2019 with registration number 1084  with registration number 1084 with the dedication to promote human rights, raise citizen’s awareness on their rights and responsibilities, and combat human trafficking and illegal immigration on a local and global level.  

Our mission is to ensure that development is community-led and that it respects, protects and fulfills human rights. We do so by ensuring that communities and individuals have the information, power and resources to determine their own development paths and priorities and to hold institutions, governments, and other actors accountable for the actions on people. Thus, we aim to establish an open dialogue on development and human rights on a national and international level.

We believe that development and human rights go hand in hand; therefore, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue works to maintain peace, security and protect human rights on a national and international level.

Nationally, we strive to reach out to all forms of social and cultural backgrounds with the aim of educating and developing broader concepts of human rights, civil rights and social cohesion.

Internationally, we report on the massive violations of human rights that frequently occur during interstate conflict, and their implications for the development, safety and protection of local communities. We also seek to give a voice to Egyptians who have been subject to human rights violations.

Our organization is built on integrity, transparency, and the pursuit of freedom of expression across Egypt and around the world. Through this, we aim to monitor and report on incidents of corruption, human rights violations, gross neglect of humanitarian needs and political conflict’s impact on the development and safety of communities around the world.


Our organization works on a number of programs:

First: The Freedom of Speech and Expression Program

The program seeks to create opportunities for direct communication between policy makers and target groups (by creating a link between the two parties).

Second: Integrity and Transparency Program

The Integrity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Program seeks to promote the principles of integrity, transparency and responsibility in order to achieve the proposed objectives and policies to combat corruption.

Third: Counter-terrorism Watch Program

The Counter-Terrorism Observatory seeks to monitor, follow up and confront extremist ideas and ideologies adopted by terrorist groups of all kinds. The program seeks to use the social networking site to create awareness about terrorist issues.

Fourth: The Egyptians Abroad Program

The program works to document all violations and problems faced by Egyptians in Arab and European countries and the United States of America.