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The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) is an Egyptian NGO registered with no. 6337 in 2005. It is non-party and non-for-profit organization works according to law no. 84 of 2002 of NGOs. The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue was founded to contribute to the civil efforts which aim at occurring positive changes in society and media system in particular in order to develop political, social and cultural life. FDHRD believes that development and human rights are two integrated concepts support each other as without development there will not be legislations and laws which equalize all members of society. Also there is no development without guarantees for all forms of freedom of expression. On the other hand, human rights enjoy prosperity if efforts of development could reduce poverty, achieve economic and social equality among all citizens and raise their awareness in regard to their rights and how to call for them.

Hence, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue carries out its activities and events in the field of political development (deepening participation) as being one of the main requirements for successful development and cultural development (developing values system) in a way that allows the dissemination of difference and diversity and accepting others in addition to economic and social development (increasing opportunities in economic stability) to contribute to create society of politically, culturally and socially qualified citizens who are able to participate in development efforts instead of the current status quo of citizens who yield to marginalization and inability to participate in social affair.

So FDHRD is an initiative which addresses the public base of citizens to turn them from silent majority to effective positive citizens who are able to participate on political, social and cultural levels. In addition, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue reaches the elite seeking to push the intellectual system towards the culture of development and human rights besides widening the participation base among citizens.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue


  • Seeking to establish for the freedom of expression in a way that allows freedom in accessing news and ideas receiving and sharing them in all media channels in accordance with human rights charters.
  • Seeking to change the intellectual system to support culture of diversity, difference and acceptance of others.
  • Disseminating the culture of citizenship as basis for rights and duties which requires combating all forms of gender-based and religion-based discrimination.
  • Disseminating civil culture by seeking to form media group that would establish for and deepen concepts of intellectual and ideological knowledge/ enlightenment in addition to creative diversity in facing media of violence and political, religious and humane incitement and excitement.
  • Deepening the concept of local citizen to participate in running his/her daily and local affairs and raising awareness in regard to the concept of participation in decision making.
  • Seeking to improve and develop the legislative structure which impedes citizens to access their right to knowledge.



Firstly: “Freedom of Expression Program”

This program aims mainly at adopting number of wide activities to defend freedoms of expression, thought and belief. Throughout this program, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue monitors and documents all violations relevant to right to freedom of expression and disseminating them widely to eliminate the negative impacts which impede right to expression, thought and belief in accordance with international conventions and charters of human rights. In addition, the program seeks to defend what is available of this freedom by adopting a number of constructive dialogues among elites with their different attitudes and orientations and normal audience about current issues which concern society on political, social and economic level in order to establish for values and principles of democratic dialogue within rational framework which believes in the right of difference in addition to establishing for methodological mechanisms to solve intellectual conflicts quietly without any quarrels or separation and with respecting each other opinions and creating direct communication opportunities between the elites and targeted audience to have an interactive dialogue in regard to opinions, ideas and orientations related to issues tackled by the different activities and programs of  the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue.

Secondly: “Media and Local Citizen Program”

Media and local citizens are partners in one country. There are two levels of participation high politics and low politics. High politics mean participation in decision making on national levels while low politics mean decision making process on the level of local daily life as being one harmonious society in different aspects. So this program aims at encouraging citizens to practice citizenship rights on local level and participate in daily life affair in order to:

  • Attract citizens to participate so as to create relations between citizens and local reality.
  • Achieve integration and cooperation on local level so that citizens can fulfill their economic, political and psychological needs necessary to their welfare.
  • Rising feeling of belonging and loyalty to the country where they live as the first step for integration in the national affair.


Thirdly: “Developmental Media Program”

Media plays an essential role in changing orientations and values of individuals. In addition, media may have helping or impeding role in development process. Hence, it is necessary to pay attention to media personnel to enable them to be pioneers and to be on the top of those who demanding the achievement of political and cultural development. Within this context, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue adopts:

  • Package of training programs for media personnel to develop their capacities in fields of citizenship, combating violence and discrimination and disseminating the culture of difference and diversity.
  • Establish media observatory to follow up, monitor and analysis what is included in written, audio and visual media means in regard to negative orientations and values regarding political issues in which Forum of Development and Human Rights Dialogue is interested and issuing periodical reports in such matter.
  • Providing legal and judicial aids for media personnel in case of exposing to any pursuits and troubles because of their work and message.
  • Seek to form social public opinion in favor for women’s rights through media.
  • Call for changing the prevailing negative orientations and ideas about the role and situation of women.
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