Above-average turnout for voters in some committees

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Saturday, 24/10/ 2020   

Statement   #5

“Above-average turnout for voters in some committees”  


Followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored a above-average turnout for voters in some committees, such as:

  • Beni Suef Governorate
  • Committee No. 90, Union Primary School Boys Center BBA. 
  • Committee No. 104, Old Mahmoudiyah Elementary School, Samsta Center.
  • Committee 105, Benin Preparatory School, Mazura, Simsta Center.
  • Committee No. 3, Fouad Nasr Hindi Elementary School Girls, BBA Center.
  • Committee 56, Joint Elementary School on The Island of Bba.
  • St. Mark’s Special Languages Teacher Committee.
  • The committeeof the teacher of Mr.  Khadija, high schoolgirls of Abdulsalam Aref, next tothe Waqftower.
  • Khaled bin Alwaleed School Committee with Hatem Rushdi.
  • The committee of the teacherof the ring of the special missionaries St. Abdulsalam Aref next to the health insurance.
  • Minya Governorate
  • Committees 194, 195, People’s Sports Club, Bandar Minya.
  • Sub-Committee 2 Dream School for Basic Education.
  • Aswan Province.
  • Committee No. 164 of the Azhar Institute – Advo Center.
  • Committee No. 203 in the Bahri Al-Onion Complex in Al-Ammariya, Advo.
  • And the committee of the Religious Institute of The Sada before me, Advo.
  • Qena Governorate
  • Committee No. 375 of the Agricultural Management Committee with critics.
  • Committee No. 373, Naval Critics School.
  • LakeProvince:
  • –                    601st Committee of The Beni Dalingat School
  • Committee of 611 Electricity Companies
  •  Committee of 621 Tylli elementary schools.
  •  Committee 654 agrarian reform in the village of Kom Zamran.
  • Sohag Province:
  • Committees no. 17-18-19-20 at the Girls’ Institute in Bakhmim, “GeneralDepartment No. 2″    Akhmim, His Legs and The Cother.
  • Committee of 69 Tahata Coast Preparatory Institute
  •  Committee 62 of the Joint Primary School in Batahta
  •  Committee 64 of Khalid Bin Alwaleed School,
  •  Committee 65 at The Tahrir School in Naga. 
  • Giza
  • Committee of Dr. Mahmoud Omar High School Girls.  
  • The Committee of the School of the Martyr Ahmed Jamal Al-Fiqi in Amania.
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