Administrative Court excludes Ahmed Hussein Fayek Sabour, the candidate from the first district of the individual system in Cairo governorate, from the 2020 Senate elections

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Press Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored the ruling by the Administrative Court in the 2020 senate elections excluding Ahmed Hussein Fayek Sabour from the 2020 Senate elections

The first chamber of “rights and freedoms” of the Administrative Court of Justice ruled at its hearing on Friday, July 24, 2020, to accept the lawsuit filed by Omar Jalal Mohammed Haredi to exclude the name of candidate Ahmed Hussein Sabour from the 2020 Senate elections.  By the individual system of the Senate elections.

On July 20, 2020, the evaluator of the lawsuit filed suit No. 47680 of July 20, 2020, against the chairman of the National Electoral Commission, the chairman of the nomination examination committee, and Ahmed Hussein Fayeq Sabour.

The appellant stated in his lawsuit that the candidate Mr. Ahmed Hussein Fayek Sabour, candidate for the Senate of the individual system in the first district of Cairo governorate, did not submit the papers and documents contained exclusively in the board of Article III and IV section first paragraph (a) of resolution 34 of 2020 issued by the National Electoral Commission on July 4, 2020, meeting the form and content of basic and substantial statements as required by law in these documents, some of which contain basic data that convert between her and the adoption of this document.

The appellant stated in the appeal that the nomination examination committee should have ascertained the availability of the conditions for candidacy from the documents submitted, and exclude the name of the contested candidate from the disclosure of the candidates whose papers had been accepted.

According to the judgment, the appeal against him made financial disclosure statements to him, his wife, and minor children with his application for candidacy, and with the court’s reading of the two declarations, it was found that one of the statements was contained free of any statements concerning the plaintiff’s various and undated property, but only the words “owner of shares in several companies will be attached to a detailed form”, as it was also established that the statement in question was free of the wife’s signature and that the court read the attached papers, which turned out to be external papers and had nothing to do with the form of the statement submitted.

This constitutes a serious breach of one of the substantial statements necessary to complete the financial disclosure of the mentioned. This sacrifices the decision of the Committee to examine applications for the 2020 Senate elections for Cairo governorate by including the name of the contested candidate by revealing the names of the candidate’s contrary to the correct rule of law and therefore the court orders its abolition.

The Administrative Court ruled on Friday, July 24, 2020, that the court had accepted the case and excluded candidate Ahmed Hussein Fayek Sabour.

This is the third candidate for the Future of Watan party to be excluded after the exclusion of Dr.  Abdul Hae Obeid, candidate No. 1, and candidate No. 8 Mohammed Hilmi Abdel Basit in the same circle.

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