At the last stop of the Senate runoff election:Average voter turnout and clear commitment to Corona virus prevention measures

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

12 o’clock. PM

Statement   #1

At the last stop of the Senate runoff election.

Average voter turnout and clear commitment to Corona virus prevention measures


Followers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored average voter turnout and a clear commitment to the measures to prevent the CORONA virus in giza, Qalyubia, Beni Suef and Aswanprovinces.

This is as follows:

Giza Governorate

  • Committees: Safaya Zaghloul School Complex – Al-Ma’adiya Primary School Benin,
  •  Al- Ma’adiya Elementary SchoolGirls.
  • Martyr Mahmoud Abdel MoneimPreparatory.
  •  Osman Bin Afan School of Basic Education
  • Committees 141, 142, 143 and 144. Imbaba Military High School Benin
  • Committees 171 and 172. Nile Primary School in Bamba
  • Committees 147 and 148. Osman Bin Afan School of Basic Education.

Al, Qalyubia Governorate

  • Committee of 159 Binha Boys High School.
  • Safia Zaghloul Committee, Second Section Shubra Al Khaimah.
  • Committee 420 Intellectual School in Shabra Al Khaimah.
  • Committee of 417 Omar Bin Al-Khattab School in Shabra Al Khaimah.

Beni Suef province.

– Committee No. 151 Joint Primary School 2 In Kom Khalad Nasser Center.

-Committee No. 169, Al-Azhar Preparatory Religious Institute in The Village of Ghit al-Bahri, Nasser Center

Committee no. 149, Azab school, Ali Hammouda elementary school, Nasser center. 

Committee no. 169, al- Azhar religious Institute in Ghait al, Bahri village, Nasser center.

Committee No. 55 Joint Preparatory School in The Village of Al-Dawalata, Beni Suef Center

Committee no. 29 of the primary school in the village of Battle of Bandar Beni Suef. 

Committee No. 28, The Martyr Abdul SamadElementary School, Eastern Tzmentvillage.

Committee no. 57, Ahmed Zewail elementary school,  Riad Pasha village, Beni Sueif center

Committee 301  mixed Primary School in Bata Al-Besha, Bba Center

Committee 302,  West  Ghia  primary school

Committee no. 309, Preparatory school in Dabash- Bba center

Committee number 310, the preparatory school in Dabash- The center of Bba

Committee no, 311 joint primary school in Al-Sharif village

Committee no. 312 primary school in the Ezba of Imam- Al-Sharif

Committee No. 344 Toua Primary Institute

Committee no, 352, Aba Ibn Nafi primary school

Committee No. 318, Village Council one sixth

Committee no. 319 Prince Ahmed high primary school in sixth grade

Committee no. 321 Abdul Sattar Al-Buqaa school in Al-Buqaa village

Committee no. 291 Fouad Nasr Hindi school- Bandar Beba

Committee no. 292 Alsalaam primary school- BBA

Committee no. 294 committee of the Association for the memorization of the Holy Qur’an- Bandar Beba

Committee no, 354 primary union school

Committee No. 355 Azhari Preparatory Girls Institute – Bandar Beba

Committee No. 356 Institute of Girls Preparatory and Secondary Azhari – Bandar Beba

Committee no. 357, the school of martyr Abdul Moneim Riad- BandarB.

Aswan County

  • Committees of Sunni Taha School and The School of Heroes of October 6, First Department ofAswan.

Aswan Provincial Advocaat Center

Committees’ numbers 164 in the Committee of the Azhar Institute.

  • Committee No. 165 of the Peace Elementary School in The Village of Muwaisat. 
  • Committee No. 203 in the Bahri Al-Onion Complex in Al-Ammariya.
  • Committee 210, women’s committee of the Joint School of Sada before me.  
  • The Committee of the Religious Institute of Saaida before me. 
  • Al-Zuwaydia School Committee at The Advo Center.  

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