Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights issues report on( media freedoms in the Arab world) for the first half of 2021

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Press release

Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights issues report on

(Media freedoms in the Arab world) for the first half of 202


 The Freedom of Opinion and Expression Program of the Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, issued a report entitled “Media Freedoms in the Arab World”  “.

The report noted that the twenty-first decade has witnessed many violations that have occurred to media centers in general and journalists in particular, and these violations have varied between dismissal and dismissal by the media centers themselves or from external attacks by government agencies, terrorist groups or citizens themselves, which have often led to assassination, as well as detention, beatings, prevention and accusations of certain cases on the other hand.

The report issued by the Freedom of Opinion and Expression Program during the first half of 2021 was monitored from January 1 to May 31, 2021 (first half of 2021).  The report recorded violations of freedom of press from the countries of: (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Yemen).

The report included several main sections, where the first section included cases of arbitrary dismissal of journalists in addition to expulsions abroad, while the second section included cases of imprisonment and arrest of journalists and the third section comes to monitor cases of injuries and attacks on journalists, addressing in the fourth section cases of murder and assassination, while the fifth and final section include cases of violations of digital rights.

According to the report, arrests came first, followed by detentions for a period of time, physical and psychological violence, death threats, actual murder and abduction.

The report listed the number of (5) cases of arbitrary dismissal and expulsion of journalists outside the country, and the number of (30) cases of imprisonment and detention, while cases of violence against journalists came in 22 cases, and 5 cases of killings, while cases of violation of digital rights varied from blocking sites to banning accounts on social media sites and preventing the broadcast of some works number (8) violations.

The report recommended that laws and legislation on freedom of expression and the press should be activated and that laws that hinder them should be repealed, while providing a safe working environment for journalists in general and in areas of armed conflict in particular.

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