ECHRD: Condemns Mass Killings in Tigray

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Press Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development condemns the mass killings by the Ethiopian government against citizens of Tigray province, where authorities in the Sudanese state of Kassala found more than 40 bodies floating on the surface of the Setit River between Sudan and the Ethiopian province of Tigray, some of which have traces of gunshot wounds..

According to Sudanese government statements: The bodies are coming from the riverbed from Humira (far north of Ethiopia) in areas controlled by Ethiopian forces and allied fighters from the Ethiopian Amhara region, where they expel refugees from their homes in Tigray and commit torture crimes against them, and the coalition confirms that Ethiopian forces carried out mass killings of people trying to flee the war in Tigray province, Ethiopia. .

The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development expresses its deep concern about the increasing humanitarian violations of Ethiopian forces and the commission of numerous inhumane practices and war crimes against citizens of Tigray province, and appeals to the international community to address all violations of Ethiopian forces in Tigray, where thousands of people have died and more than 2 million have been displaced since November 2020.

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