Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development begins campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of human trafficking.

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July 4, 2021

Press Release

The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development launched a year-long campaign “Together to Combat Human Trafficking” carried out by the alliance with the 550 associations and institutions member of the alliance in 15 Egyptian governates aimed at implementing a number of exercises to build the capacity of the alliance’s member associations and develop their institutional capabilities to put the issue of combating human trafficking on the agenda of their activities, said Basma Fouad, executive director of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue  , this campaign, which is expected to continue for a year will contribute by building the capabilities of the alliance’s partner institutions. Training a number of rural women leaders and lawyers to raise community awareness of the seriousness of the phenomenon and mobilize efforts for the participation of state institutions that have been fighting the phenomenon since 2010

Basma Fouad said that the Egyptian alliance’s interest in this phenomenon stems from our belief that the main challenge that prevents it from being eliminated once and for all is the lack of awareness of the seriousness of this phenomenon among a large number of citizens. We aim to reach them with our campaign and contribute to raising awareness of its seriousness and seeking to combat it in conjunction with the efforts of the state and its institutions..

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