FDHRD Releases Report: Violence against women is a bitter reality with different ages

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The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues on Tuesday, 27/9/2022 its report Violence against women is a bitter reality with different ages, which addresses the issue of violence against women, which is a global phenomenon that is not limited to a certain region of the world, and constitutes the most widespread violation of human rights.
Saeed Abdel Hafez, Chairman of the Dialogue Forum Foundation, stressed the need to have a comprehensive and integrated system to address and combat violence, as we must work to change the mentality and change the societal thought in this area, and adopt comprehensive legislative and political frameworks to address violence against women and girls. A comprehensive legislative approach should include criminalizing all forms of violence against women and girls, effectively prosecuting and punishing perpetrators, and protecting, supporting and empowering survivors.
The report addressed the phenomenon of violence against women from several aspects.
•Provide a historical overview of the phenomenon of violence against women
• What is violence against women, clarifying its types, reasons for its existence, and its effects on women
• Submit some cases
• Clarify Egyptian and international efforts to eliminate violence against women
• Recommendations to address this phenomenon, which were represented in the following :
1 – Activating the role of religious institutions in spreading the correct religious values in societies, especially among the youth and children, because the distance from religion in societies leads to moral and human infiltration, as is happening now as a result of the absence of religious awareness among young people.
2 – Raising families to pay attention to the upbringing of their children and raising them on the values and principles of religion and sound humanity and follow up on the behavior of their children, and urge them to stay away from aggressive and violent behavior against women or any living being.
3 – Activating the role of the regulatory bodies in the application of the media code of honor to the media such as the Internet and television, to broadcast and disseminate goodness, because of its role in the prevention of crime, and to prevent the dissemination of pornography, vice and news of violence that moves instincts and helps to commit crimes.

  1. The existence of laws for the personal sphere regulating human relations between the man and the bitter a is based on the principle of a justice and equality.
    5 – Provide awareness programs for the legal literacy of women and raise awareness of their rights.
  2. Establish reception offices for those who are about to marry to clarify the rights and duties of the men and women of the woman.
    8 – Using civil society institutions in the face of this violence against women and the uncle to support them and seek their spread.
    9 – Changing the image of women in the media in all its forms and highlighting the issues of violence suffered by women and recommending them to the widest sectors.
  3. Securing social and economic needs to prevent the increase in violence in general among members of society, and violence against women in particular, if we know that one of the most important causes of violence against women is the deterioration of the economic situation.
    11.Enact legislation, laws and penalties to deter the commission of crimes against women.
    12.Implement strict laws against perpetrators of violence against women.
    13.Activate the role of the judiciary and reduce the phenomenon of impunity.
  4. Provide educational and educational programs aimed at young people in schools to combat violence against women.
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