Hillary Clinton’s Emails: A Diplomatic Revolution against Humanity A Report by the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue

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Saturday, 31st October 2020


Press Release

Hillary Clinton’s Emails: A Diplomatic Revolution against Humanity

A Report by the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issued today its report “Hillary Clinton’s Emails: A Diplomatic Revolution against Humanity”. The report reveals that this issue started in March 2015 when New York Times Newspaper published an article about Hillary Clinton as she used a private email connected with a private server when she occupied her position as US Secretary of State in the period from 2009 to 2013 instead of using governmental account which guarantees confidentiality of tens of thousands of emails related to the American foreign policy.

The report illustrates that during 4 years more than 60 thousands messages were accumulated in this e-mail account, half of them were submitted to the US State Department by Clinton then a judicial decision was sentenced to disseminate these messages but not all at once.

The report points out that these disclosed e-mails of Hillary Clinton have uncovered a lot about suspicious relationships between the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group and Obama regime which was the main reason behind spreading chaos and violence in the region in addition to exploiting what is called Arab Spring to implement their futile plans in the region after January 2011 the matter which led to Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power during that period.

Many axes are tackled by the report relate to chaos scenarios which Obama’s regime sought to achieve with help by its secretary of state not only in Cairo but also in different Arab countries and Arab Gulf as follows:

  • Kindling the conditions in Egypt: the report reveals that among these disclosed messages, published by the US Department of State on its website, some messages which clarify how Obama’s government analyzed the situation in Egypt during the first days of 2011 incidents. The report shows that the message was sent by Clinton on 30th January 2011 which was 11 days before Mubarak’s leave and few days after “Friday of Anger” when Egyptians went out in mass demonstrations in main cities and when they were faced by the police before their withdrawal and the army prevalence in streets.
  • The Role of Clinton Foundation: the report illustrates that the disclosed documents show that the US Secretary of State depended on “Clinton” Foundation – which she ran with her husband and her daughter – in all details of her governmental position which is another suspicion of using power. In addition, these documents clarify how much is the cooperation between US Department of State and Clinton Foundation through involving all activities of the foundation into the works of the US Department of State and dedicating a staff from the department to follow this work, yet another team was assigned from the media and information office of the department to follow up all what is written about the foundation in the American press and reply by the foundation and not by the Department of State. The report also says that Clinton’s Organization has taken care of and supported big number of youth of Muslim Brotherhood Group inside USA as some of them were trained and rehabilitated before going back to Cairo especially in those stages preceding January 2011.
  • The Brotherhood Spy: according to the report, the documents of the US Department of State show how much is the close cooperation between Obama’s government and Mohamed Morsi before and during undertaking his position as the president and that the American Embassy in Egypt has played the role of the point of contact officer between the brotherhood leader and the American administration. The document no. C05739624 affiliated to the documents package no. F-2015-04841 in the records of US Department of State/ correspondences of the American Embassy about Morsi reveal that the brotherhood leader was in contact with the American Embassy since summer of 2011 at least and before the establishment of Freedom and Justice Party between 2011 and 2013.
  • Presidential Order 11: the report illustrates that according to the strategic document (11) or the American presidential order 11 (one of the disclosed documents in 2015) which shows the American administration support to the terroristic Muslim Brotherhood organization under what is called “the project of political reform in the Middle East”, the American administration has actually started in occurring change in the plan and scheme of selecting its ambassadors in the Middle East countries and focusing on selecting figures with historical background in the movements of political Islam and Brotherhood group. In addition, they should be from the members of the American National Security Agency and not from professional diplomats in the field of diplomatic work especially in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and Jordon.
  • Brotherhood Conspiracies: as stated by the report, according to the disclosed documents mentioned by the researcher and translator Tawhed Magdy in his book “Brotherhood Conspiracies”, these documents uncover and document the Brotherhood communication with members of American intelligence in addition to using and recruiting trends of political Islam in implementing their scenarios of chaos, the project of dividing the new region of the Middle East and taking over the power in Egypt.
  • Qatari Fund: the report reveals that the disclosed documents have disclosed the Brotherhood Qatari-American conspiracy in the era of the former American president Barak Obama and their efforts to disassemble the Egyptian security agencies and services and restructure them according to the Brotherhood group project and their allies from democratic Americans in addition to forming the American Egyptian Council for Economic Development in September 2012 with financial support from Doha with an amount of 2 billion $ aiming at controlling the decision making process in Egypt. The report also points out that scenarios of chaos which were implemented by Obama’s administration with the help of his Secretary of State were not limited to Cairo only but they included different countries in the Arab region and Arab Gulf as follows:
  • Bahrain Protests: the report shows that on 13th February 2011 public protests started in Bahrain what were called 14th February protests as demonstrators gathered in Dar Al Lo’loa and as the events rose Bahrain Kingdom asked for military support from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council since the council has a unified military force called “The Island Shield” and actually on 14th March 2011 the forces of the Island Shield crossed the linked bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Then on 18th March 2011 chaos and disorders were put out in Bahrain. The forces of the Island Shield include military members and varieties from Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman which are the member states in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • Doha Conversion: as mentioned by the report, the disclosed documents revealed that Al Sheikha Moza communicated and talked with Hillary Clinton from the very beginning of her occupation of the position of Secretary of State in January 2009 in addition to recommending her son Tamem Bn Hamad to gain regional and international authority and power. So she gave all possible temptations generously to Clinton so that Tamem would gain spaces of cooperation and trust with the American administration.
  • Libyan Intervention: in regard to the Libyan intervention, the report clarifies that a disclosed American document revealed that the French president Nicolas Sarkozy ordered with intervention in Libya to keep his country’s power in the region. The document which dated 2nd April 2011pointed out that France moved to intervene in Libya to overthrow Al Gaddafi. This was because of tons of gold which Al Gaddafi has in addition to the big Libyan stock of oil. The document also mentioned that according to closed sources to consultants of Seif Al Islam Al Gaddafi, Al Gaddafi had 143 tons of gold and similar amount of silver.
  • Threatening Bashar Al Assad: the report reveals that the emails showed the discussions of Clinton with her assistants about analyzing conditions in Syria. The first of these messages included a threat to the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad with killing by Clinton’s assistant Sydney Blumenthal saying that “Al Assad should recognize that heads will be cut if this suppression continue and it might be his head this time”.
  • Tawakkol Karman and the Yemeni Devastation: regarding Yemen, the report said that the documents of Hillary Clinton’s email showed a strong relationship between Hillary Clinton and the Brotherhood member Tawakkol Karman who considered Clinton her ideal and hang her photo in her living room at her house. In addition, the disclosed messages dated 7th April 2011 of correspondences about Tawakkol Karman showed that Karman met Clinton in January 2011 few days before the revolution and that her organization “Female Journalists without Borders” received fund from the American government. In addition, this meeting was arranged by the American Embassy.

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