Human Rights Groups call on Geneva Human Rights Council to condemn Erdogan Regime crimes

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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Press statement

Human rights organizations advisory to the UN International Council for Human  Rights, in collaboration with the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Foundation,  have submitted a report on violations by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s support for terrorist groups and armed groups in the Middle East, to the Review Body of Turkey’s Human Rights File and members of the Council’s official delegations as the date of Turkey’s comprehensive periodic review of Turkey’s human rights file to the United Nations scheduled for January 28  in Geneva approaches.

  Turkey’s support for terrorist groups and armed groups in the Middle East has not ceased, the report said,  adding that there were many testimonies and documents confirming Turkey’s transfer of terrorist elements from Syria to Libya and Turkish  President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s  use of a threatening speech to neighboring countries inspired by the symbols of the defunct Ottoman caliphate, with heated talk of an  Ottoman project using terrorist elements to support Turkey’s move to occupy its old areas of influence in the Middle East. 

In its   report, the human rights organizations called for condemnation of the Turkish regime, which  had caused    widespread human rights violations and crimes against humanity inside and outside  Turkey,  especially since   terrorism was the policy of the ruling regime in order to implement its expansionist colonial dreams  in the southern Mediterranean, which threatened security and peace and the region, as well as committing many crimes and human rights violations against members of the  Turkish people opposed to the Erdogan regime. 

The report is divided into several main branches, each representing a violation by the Turkish regime abroad  and at home, where the report monitors many actions, each of which represents a human rights violation that necessitates the council’s move to demand that the regime stop violating human rights, including the suffering of refugees in  Turkey, the crimes of Turkish military intervention in northern Syria, violations of the Turkish regime against Cypriots, support for terrorist militias  in Libya and the export of mercenaries to Libya.

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