Impartiality and Transparency in Egypt

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Impartiality and Transparency in Egypt

The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)  and fourm of development and human rights dialouge welcomes and praises the efforts of the Egyptian government in regard to combating corruption in Egypt. Through its monitoring and documentation of corruption cases in Egypt, AEFL points out that the number of corruption cases captured by the government in 2019 reached about 120 cases. The total of the confiscated sums reached about one billion and 100 million EGP. These corruption crimes were committed by different categories such as senior officials, employees and even by simple citizens who do not occupy any governmental positions.

Undoubtedly, the government has taken important steps in the field of combating corruption during the last six years by putting clear strategies for combating corruption and arresting senior officials who profited from their public position; the matter which assures the existence of a political will to eradicate corruption and complete development procedures and steps in Egypt in accordance with international conventions relevant to combating corruption in Egypt.


In this regard, the Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers demands and fourm of development and human rights dialouge the Egyptian government to:

1-         Issue a special law immediately to protect reporters and witnesses in corruption cases.

2-         Review taking measures to promote the transparency of the bodies supporting candidates of elected positions in addition to political parties.

3-         Take necessary measures to issue the necessary executive regulations for activating law no. 106 of 2013 in regard to interests overlapping (conflict of interests).

4-         Issue a legislation which organizes the mutual legal aid or regain findings in detail within the rules stated by the international conventions or in accordance with the principle of mutuality (article no. 18 of money laundering law) including group of measures and procedures in the internal criminal procedures along with those regarding pursing, freezing, reserving and confiscating properties.

5-         Issue a law which gives the state the right to confiscate properties gained by criminal act (or related to it) without any criminal condemnation in cases which criminal cannot be pursued or arrested (because of death, escape or absence).

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