“Interests rule”… Gaza is a living example of Western
double standards

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These measures are represented in the exploitation of the Western media to spread rumors and false information by promoting that Israel is primarily a victim of the Hamas terrorist attack and, therefore has the right to defend itself while condoning the massacres taking place against the Palestinians. These measures also included the provision of comprehensive military support from modern and advanced weapons in addition to generous material support, under the pretext that everyone in the Gaza Strip belongs to Hamas; all in exchange for unarmed civilians from Weapons are trapped and even denied the right to life, through electricity, fuel and water cuts.
These measures also included Western support in international forums, especially the UN Security Council, which was demonstrated by the use of Western countries, led by the United States and Britain, vetoing a draft resolution condemning the Israeli entity.
Second: Violations of the Right to Demonstrate and Protest Peacefully:

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