January 11th, Sentencing for 8 People Charged with Trafficking in Human Organs

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South Cairo Criminal Court, Tenth Circuit, in its session on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, decided to book Case No. 707 (Kidney) in South Cairo for the year 2021 for a ruling on January 11, 2022, in which 8 people are accused of founding and managing a criminal group with the aim of human trafficking by transporting human organs with the aim of making a profit.

The facts of the case date back to December 2020, when the Egyptian security services arrested 8 people of Jordanian, Palestinian and Egyptian nationalities for establishing an organized criminal group with the aim of human trafficking by transferring human organs with the aim of making a financial profit.

The accused are: A Jordanian called A.S. 36 years, Palestinian S.H. 40 years, Palestinian S.H. 36 years, Palestinian B.A., Palestinian M.K, an Egyptian doctor M.H. 41 years old, a Palestinian H.S. 37 years, and an Egyptian M.M.A 36 years old. They are accused for exploiting the victim’s (called F.M.A) financial need to persuade him to remove part of his body, kidney, for 25 thousand pounds to transplant it to another person called S.B.

During the investigations, it was found that the accused had removed the “kidneys” for each of (A.S. – S.H. – A.J. – M.A. – A.A. – H.M. – M.Y – A.N. – A.M.) to transplant them to others in exchange for a fee. This is after agreeing with one of the organ transfer brokers and the accused in the case, who was forcing the victims to sign blank trust receipts to ensure that they did not back out of the excision process, as he was getting 5,000 pounds for each victim he agreed with.

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