Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development: “Increased Turnout with The Second Day of The Run-off”

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Tuesday, 24/11/2020

Statement No.3


Observers of the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development monitored the increasing turnout with the second day of the run-off of some committees, such as:

Minya Governorate

  • Committees 178, 179, 180, Ahmed Orabi School, Ezbet Shaheen Bandar Al-Minya.
  • Committee 155, Lieutenant-General Safi Al-Din Abu Shanaf Military Secondary School
  • Committees 156, 157, Martyr Mohammed Jamal Abu Halaiqa Preparatory School for Boys.
  • Darwa Village Council.
  • Tuna al-Jabal Village Council.
  • Abshadat Village Council.
  • Qalandul Village Council.
  • Al-Rawda Village Council.
  • Al-Tanda Village Council.
  • Noway Village Council.
  • Deir Al-Barsha Village Council.
  • Al-Almaasara Village Council.
  • Al-Helmiya Village Committee.
  • Committees 165, 166, Alsalam Secondary School for Boys, Bandar Al-Minya

Beni Suef Governorate

First Constituency: Beni Suef Center and City:

– El Sayeda Khadija Secondary School for Girls Committee.

– Khatam al-Morsaleen Private Committee.

– Al-Daoa School for Languages Committee.

Second Constituency: Nasser Center and Cities and Al Wasta Center and City

– The Committee of the joint primary school in the village of Zaytoun.

– The Committee of the Joint Elementary School, Naga al-Arab.

– The Committee of The Joint Preparatory School, in Medom.

– The Committee of the Afuh Primary Institute.  

Third Constituency: Ahnasia Center

– The Agricultural Society of Brawa Committee.

– Joint Primary School Committee in al-Shubak.

– New Primary School Committee in Behnemwah.

Fourth Constituency: Beba Center, Al-Fashan Center, Samasta Center

– The Committee of The Uqba Bin Nafi Primary School.

– The Committee for Agricultural Guidance in Nazlet Al Barqi.

– The Committee of the Primary School in Nazlet Al-Deeb.  

– The Local Unity Committee in Shantour.

Aswan Governorate

  • Committees 43, 44, Al-Bayad Committee, Al-Bayd Primary School, Edfu.
  • Architectural Committee, Al-Bassila Bahri Primary Complex, Edfu.

Giza Governorate

Committees of Ahmed Orabi School in Badrashin City.

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