On the occasion of the International Day to Combat Human Trafficking, the Foundation for Dialogue Forum for Development and Human Rights issues a report entitled “Human Trafficking: New Terrorism Threatens Egyptian Society”

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Today, Saturday 30/7/2022, the Research and Studies Unit at the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue Foundation issued a report entitled:
Human Trafficking: A New Terror Threatens Egyptian Society.
The report emphasized that human trafficking is a “global phenomenon”, as it is a cross-border crime and is not limited to a particular country, and has become of international gravity and is considered as crimes against human security in general, and against the security of societies in particular. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt public policies that require international cooperation in action. Through the exchange of information and the exchange of aid, human trafficking crimes in all its forms and images are among the most prominent, dangerous and fastest growing issues on the international scene, and have become the third largest illegal criminal trade in the world after drug and arms trade.
This report is the second issued by the Dialogue Foundation on the phenomenon of human trafficking, as the Foundation previously issued its first report entitled “Human Trafficking. a global phenomenon” on July 11, 2021.
The report, which was issued by the Foundation today, addressed a number of themes, the most important of which are:
First: Why is human trafficking a terrorism?
Trafficking in human beings is a clandestine activity that crosses countries, borders and continents and includes women, men and children, in inhuman working conditions for men, and conditions akin to slavery or servitude for women, in addition to sexual exploitation, and for children their use as beggars or as street vendors, and their sexual exploitation in many cases. In addition to the attempts to recruit some of them into the ranks of terrorists, militias or outlaw groups, as ISIS did,
Thus, we find that human trafficking in all its forms is one of the threats surrounding human security in the current era, especially in light of the spread of organizations or gangs that trade in people. Thus, when people fear for their security and life from these gangs, human trafficking becomes terrorism.
Second: Celebrities are accused of human trafficking
The report reviewed some issues related to trafficking in persons that have recently aroused public opinion, such as the case of the famous businessman “Mohammed Al-Amin”, the tiktok girl “Haneen Hosam” and the artist “Shadi Khalaf”.
Third: Famous hospitals and doctors who trade human organs
1- Closure of Ganzouri Hospital:
Where the Cairo Criminal Court, Circuit 15 – on December 22, 2021, sentenced a doctor and 3 others to 10 years in prison, 6 years in prison for the second accused, and a fine of 200,000 pounds for all, with the closure of the Ganzouri Hospital owned by the first accused for a year, for accusing them of organ trafficking. Humanity.
2- Multinational gang formation for organ trade:
On January 11, 2022, the South Cairo Criminal Court, the Tenth Circuit, sentenced eight defendants of different nationalities to three to 10 years in prison for human trafficking and human organ transplantation in two famous hospitals in Cairo.
3- The owner of a hospital in Nasr City and 4 doctors who trade in organs
In March 2021, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced 14 defendants to 15 years in prison, 3 to 10 years in prison, and 6 years to aggravated imprisonment for three other defendants, and fined each of them a sum of 200,000 pounds, including 4 doctors and the owner of a hospital in Nasr City, for accusing them of joining a group. Organized criminal activity aimed at transferring and transplanting

human organs, and exploiting the victims’ need for money to remove kidneys from them for unknown persons in violation of medical rules and principles.
Fourth: Gangs that kidnap children with the aim of exploiting them in illegal activities

  • Some cases of kidnapping and exploitation of children were monitored.
    Fifth: The efforts of the Egyptian state
    Egypt is one of the first countries in the world that criminalizes the commission of these crimes with appropriate penalties, to confront this phenomenon and help the victims, and the second axis is through raising awareness of the dangers arising from it, in cooperation with the ministries of youth, justice, foreign affairs, interior, social solidarity, and the National Council for Human Rights The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, civil society organizations, Al-Azhar, and the Church.
    In this regard, we find that Egypt has made judicial, legislative and executive efforts with the implementation of the most prominent objectives of the national strategy to combat illegal immigration.
    The report concluded that trafficking in persons is a flagrant violation of human rights, as it affects thousands of men, women and children who fall prey to traffickers, both in their countries and abroad, and every country in the world is affected by the phenomenon of human trafficking, whether that country is the source, transit point or The destination is for the victims, so the Egyptian state made some efforts through which it was able to try to control the spread of this phenomenon.
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