Statement No. (1) (10 AM)   At the beginning of the third day of voting in the elections, regularity, and discipline in opening some committees in (Beni Suef – Gharbia – Luxor – Qena- Qalyubia – Aswan)

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At the beginning of the third day, the Observers of the “Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development” monitored regularity and discipline in opening some committees in Beni Suef, Gharbia, Luxor, Qena, Qalyubia, and Aswan.

  • Beni Suef Governorate:
  • Committee No. (1): Fatma Al-Zahra Secondary School for Girls (Address: Ibrahimia Street, Beba)
  • Committee No. (18): Al-Dabaana Primary School – Al-Dabaana.
  • Committee No. (19): Kafr Mansour Primary School, Kafr Mansour.
  • Committee No. (20): Martyr Qarni Kamal Qarni School, Tel Kafr, Mansour.
  • Committee No. (47): Martyr Bedeir Fathy Mohamed School, Baranga, Beba.
  • Committee No. (48): Martyr Bedeir Fathy Mohamed School, Beba.
  • Committee No. (49): Joint Primary School in the village of Herbshant – Haria Herbshant.
    Committee No. (50): Martyr Khaled Mustafa Mohammed School – Bandar Beba.
    Committee No. (51): Qutb Mohammed Mousa School, um Al-Janazeer Village.
    Committee No. (52): Halia Primary Azhari Institute, Heliya Village, Beba.
  • Aswan Governorate:
  • Committee No. (4): Al-Jaafara Primary School (Address: Al-Jaafara Village, Daraw Center)
  • Committee No. (5): Al-Hajndiya Preparatory School (Address: Al-Hajndiya village, Kom Ombo Center)
  • Committee No. (5): Nagaa Manshia Preparatory School (Address: behind the blood bank in the center of the first Police Station of Aswan)
  • Committees of Al-Akkad Military School, Aswan First Police Station.
  • Qena Governorate:
  • Committee No. (1): Local Community Development Association in Bandar Qena, Red Crescent Street, Qena Police Station.
  • Committee No. (3): Naga Hammadi Barrage School in Fifth Abu Tisht Center.
  • Committee No. (4): Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq Basic Education School (Address: Al-Sabriyat Village, Dishna Center)
  • Luxor Governorate:
  • Committee No. (20): Qurna Preparatory and Secondary Institute for Girls in Qurna.
  • Committees No. (25 & 26): Martyr Al-Tarf Primary School in Nagaa Al-Tarfa area, Qurna Center.
  • Qalyubia Governorate:
  • Committee No. (5): Imam Mohamed Abdou Preparatory School (Address: Hany Kamel St., Banha)
  • Gharbia Governorate:
  • Nasser Primary School, Mahalla al-Kubra.
  • Committee No. (7): Barma Primary Institute in the village of Barma in Tanta Center.
  • Committee No. (8): Nasser Primary School, (Address: Adel Ghanem Sector, Bashish Village, Mahalla Al-Kubra Center)
  • Committee No. (10): Benoufer Basic Education School in Benoufer Village, Kafr El-Zayat Center.
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