The Egyptian Alliance for Development & Human Rights Warns of Famine in the Tigray Region in Ethiopia

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Thursday 29th July 2021

Press release


 The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development warns of a famine in the Ethiopian region of Tigray, as a result of the inhumane practices of the Ethiopian forces, which during the current week destroyed two vital bridges to transport aid to Tigray. The Alliance confirms in its statement today that more than 400,000 people in the region suffer from starvation.

 As a result of the military operations in the Tigray region, which have caused great losses in life and a terrible humanitarian crisis; The brutal fighting of the government in the region, which began eight months ago has resulted in 400,000 Tigrayans without food and about 1,800,000 homeless.

 The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development expresses its fears that the Ethiopian government’s violations in Tigray will continue without accountability, and the Alliance highlights that more than 150 trucks loaded with food and other supplies are still stuck in Samra, the capital of the Afar region, “waiting for security permits” to cross.

 The Alliance calls upon the Ethiopian Prime Minister to show greater cooperation in regard to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region, and the opening of humanitarian corridors in the Tigray region, warning that the region is facing the threat of famine and is witnessing an interruption in food supplies.

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