Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights & Development: Warns of Spread of Violence & Reproduction of Terrorism in Afghanistan by the “Taliban” Control of Kabul

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August 16, 2021

Press Release 


The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development condemns the terrorist attacks of the “Taliban” movement on the cities of Afghanistan which have resulted in thousands of civilian deaths and injuries. The Alliance indicates that the terrorist “Taliban” movement took control of the capital, Kabul, and forced about 241,000 people to flee, stressing that what Afghanistan is currently witnessing is an “unimaginable tragedy.”

The Alliance states that Taliban militants have imposed severe restrictions on human rights in the areas they control, where killings and targeting of civilians in terrorist attacks are increasing,

The Alliance calls on the international community to intervene urgently to protect the future of women and girls and protect their acquired rights, noting that the rebels are re-imposing strict restrictions on women erasing any progress made on the file of freedoms and women’s rights since the overthrow of this religious group from power in 2001.

The Egyptian Alliance for Human Rights and Development expresses its fear of the return of terrorist operations more quickly and in the coming period, and calls on the international community to take the necessary action to address the violations that occur continuously against civilians.

The Alliance is asking neighbouring countries to “keep their borders open,” as the inability to seek safety could threaten the lives of countless Afghan civilians.

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