The Egyptian Coalition alarms about the health situation in Sudan on the brink of collapse

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Press Release


The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights expresses its concern about the health situation in Sudan, which is on the brink of collapse, which portends an irreversible health and environmental disaster.

According to some reports, the armed conflict, insecurity, attacks on healthcare facilities, and shortages of health workers and supplies have forced 80% of health facilities in conflict-affected areas to a complete halt, which led to overwhelming the health system and preventing the Sudanese people from their right to access health care. Even the facilities that work are overwhelmed by an avalanche of patients seeking care, most of whom are internally displaced.

The World Health Organization has indicated that there have been 60 attacks on health centers in areas where conflict is raging. Moreover, the resort of many medical workers to flee outside Sudan, the existence of great difficulties in the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals, and the infringement on them and ambulances, where many medical staff were killed or injured during the last period»,
The Rapid Support Forces converted some hospitals into military barracks and looted medical, humanitarian, and food aid, which led to the inability of medical personnel to provide the required medical services, especially in light of the scarcity of therapeutic food and the acute shortage of oxygen devices.

In addition, reports indicate outbreaks of cholera, dengue, measles, and malaria, which portends a catastrophe inside Sudan and neighboring areas.

In this regard, the Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development calls on international institutions to increase efforts to provide humanitarian aid, protect medical and humanitarian workers and civilians, and remove “administrative obstacles” to medical and humanitarian staff and supplies to allow people to access aid unhindered.
The Egyptian Coalition calls on the parties of the conflict to comply with the provisions of international conventions and international humanitarian law and not to attack civilians and vital facilities in the country, humanitarian aid, and humanitarian workers, and to avoid civilian infrastructure and facilities;
Taking into account the interests of the Sudanese state and its people, the ceasefire and the end of the conflict, which will spare the Sudanese people suffering and ensure the availability of humanitarian assistance to the affected areas.

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