The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development welcomes Cairo and Rome agreement to temporarily suspend investigations into Italian student Giulio Regeni

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Egyptian Coalition for Human Rights and Development welcomed the joint statement issued by the Egyptian public prosecutor and the Italian Republic’s prosecutor on the progress of investigations into the case of Italian student Giulio Regeni, which included the temporary closure of investigations into the case as judicial cooperation between the two sides continued until the real offender was reached and punished.

The Coalition said that the case in many stages deviated from its original goal of reaching justice for the victim and became targeting the names of certain officials without providing clear evidence in blatant interference in the work of the judiciary, threatening its independence and integrity and questioning the finding and punishment of the real offender

The Coalition praised the spirit of cooperation between the Egyptian and Italian judicial organs and their agreement to suspend temporarily until they reach new evidence related to his death with the task of the search and investigation authorities to continue taking all necessary measures to reach the perpetrator, and the announcement of the “Public Prosecution in Rome” the decision of the “Egyptian Public Prosecution”.

The Coalition believes that this behavior elevates the values of justice and preserves the independence of the judiciary, and eliminates the illogical and unusual accusations levelled at individuals in the Egyptian security services, which history has never proven their involvement in the commission of crimes of this kind, which are based on hatred and carried out by outlawed men that Egypt and its institutions did not know. The Coalition expressed its hope that the real offender will be reached as soon as possible to reach justice for Regeni and his loved ones

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