The forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issues its report “Combating corruption in medical tools to fight the CORONAvirus”

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Wednesday July 1, 2020

The “Integrity and Transparency Monitoring Unit” of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue issued the report “Anti-Corruption in Medical Tools to Combat THE CORONAVIRUS.”

The report addressed corruption in the health sector, particularly concerning medical supplies and devices, and the impact on citizens’ enjoyment of their right to health. 

The report drew attention to the efforts of the regulatory bodies in combating corruption in medical tools and supplies and reviewed the measures carried out by the government, and the medical sector specifically concerning the provision of muzzles and disinfectants and all medical supplies necessary to confront and address the CORONA virus, as well as efforts by the bodies and the government to operate some factories and price those tools, and what the regulatory bodies have done in addressing this phenomenon, as well as the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health since the beginning of the crisis until now. 

The report also monitored the number of (76) cases of corruption in the field of medical supplies and tools in the number of (25) provinces of the Republic in order to show the importance of continuing confrontation and addressing this crisis. 

Cairo governorate came from the highest provinces where cases of corruption were monitored, with 14 cases monitored, followed by the Alexandria governorate with a total of “11″ cases.

The report also monitored cases from February to the end of June, with 9 cases in June, May 6, and April “25” cases, and with the peak outbreak in March, the report monitored an increase in corruption cases to 35, with two cases in February. 

With regard to the nature of the profession of the perpetrator, pharmacy workers ranked first with 40%, followed by merchants with 33%, factory workers or private companies at 11%, and individuals with 11%, while the proportion of government employees in the Ministry of Health and its directorates was 5%.

In his report, the dialogue met called for the continued work of regulatory agencies to control corruption cases, monopolize and manipulate medical tools to combat the corona virus.

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